Tune in to “The Voices of Zaqen” presented by The Great Awakening H2N International  every Tuesday 6:00-7:30pm est on FACEBOOK LIVE and YOUTUBE LIVEPlease share the broadcast on your social media feeds and let us know your thoughts by commenting or asking questions at the end of the discussion.



The Great Awakening H2N International presents Voice Of The Zaqen where the Elders of the Great Awakening be the voice of balance and reason to the Israelite community and the world at large by providing instruction by way of Torah, in wisdom, exhortation by feeding the flock every other Tuesday Night at 7:00pm Featuring

  • Zaqen Dr. Michael Laws
  • ZaqenMaurice Wilson
  • ZaqenClarence Jones
  • ZaqenJimmy Sauls
  • ZaqenPaul Bateman
  • Zaqen Anthony Johnson


  1. To expose seasoned elders whohave a good grasp and hearty endorsement of the biblical and Hebraic orientation of the leadership.
  2. To create an online platform programs where viewers can phone, write, or email in questions about the bible or the awakening experience.
  3. To discuss life issuesand germane facts raised among the masses
  4. To provide talking points and resources to help combat the regurgitated lies forced through religious systems, and poorly interpreted scriptures.
  5. To create a platform that increases awareness of, knowledge about, and appreciation for issues unique to the people who have discovered their Hebraic roots.
  6. To educate and update viewers on trends and issues related to the rapidly growing Hebrew community through sharing information on research, educational opportunities, regional resources, new communities, prophetic events, community issues, and trends.
  7. To create an outlet to equip our viewership with foundational truths to strategically and accurately defend the faith of the scriptures.
  8. To share models of historical, linguistic, cultural, and biblical methodologies in our culture.
  9. To display tools and techniques to share the awakening message with others from a scholarly, historical and biblical perspective.

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