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It is with great pleasure to announce Great Awakening 1st Hebrew Choir “The Sound of Yah.” We are excited to create a sound that will permeate throughout the shamayins. Every rehearsal is a lesson, and each singer takes ownership and should feel joy in their accomplishments.

We welcome those who have a desire to be a part of this powerful choir. If it’s your desire to sing, lead or play an instrument along with the choir, please review requirements prior to your video submission. You must adhere to those requirements.  Once you have done a check list of that, then you may submit your audition video with the provided link. 

- Morah Chevon Jones, Choir Director (Read Bio)


To bring glory to Yahuah through a hebriac sound that will be released through the prophetic nature of music.


Musical Excellence:

  • We are dedicated to the pursuit of musical excellence.
  • Singers are motivated to give their best effort and are proud of their participation.
  • Our choir will display singers of all ages that will be properly trained
  • To provide an atmosphere of freedom to praise through Hebraic music and other various art forms


  • We educate on the creation, production, and appreciation of music
  • To provide vocal training
  • To educate singers and musicians the importance of voice care
  • To teach discipline


  • We strive to be representatives of the awakened Hebrew community and continue to be a light of the world.
  • We want each singer to feel welcomed, engaged, respected, and connected.
  • We contribute to the International Music Ministry within the GA International Assemblies and beyond through accessible performances and participation in community events.
  • We strive to be representative of the Hebrew community and enhance it performances and outreach initiatives.
  • We contribute to the musical landscape within the Great Awakening International Assemblies and beyond through accessible performances and participation in community events.

What Do I Need To Join?

We require that all members:

  1. Have a home base assembly within the Great Awakening International Assemblies, where you are receiving continual Torah teachings under the leadership of a leading Moreh
  2. Be committed to set rehearsals and feast days and other community events
  3. Be in good standing at your local assembly
  4. Be committed and dependable

If you believe you pass the criteria above, you must do the following:

  1. Fill out the International Hebrew Choir Interest form below
  2. Submit a video to the link that will be provided
  3. If you are chosen, you will receive an email confirmation

*Note- Excessive absences and/or lack of participation in scheduled meetings/rehearsals will not be acceptable and may lead to your dismissal of the choir

Complete the form below to learn more about how to get involved with the Great Awakening The Sound of Yah International Hebrew Choir and stay updated on events and activities!
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