Asha Forrest
Asha ForrestLiturgical Dance and Flag Ministry Director
Achoti Asha Forrest comes from a family of singers, dancers, teachers, prophets, worshipers, playwriter's, ministers and artists. One could say she's been training since she was born. In elementary school she decided she wanted to live for Yahuah and it was then that Asha started singing, dancing, having dreams and writing sermons that only Yahuah would see or hear. Asha started dancing 18 years ago. She took dance lessons as a kid and begin dancing on a dance team at a Christian church for 3 years. She later joined the dance team and danced for 4 years at Prophetic House of Truth ministries.It wasn't until college that she started actively participating in ministry. After college, Asha began to sharpen her  leadership skills through several positions in the school system.  Since then she had the opportunity to serve Yahuah in several capacities in ministry, in the area of the prophetic, deliverance, teaching and dancing .   Anywhere there was a worship service or flag, she would dance. Asha shares, "It is simply my form of worship. I believe worship is one of the purest forms of intimacy with Yahuah and I understand that true worship ushers you into the presence of the Most High Yah. "There you'll find freedom, rest, joy and peace. You also find deliverance, and deliverance is the children's bread."
Asha ForrestLiturgical Dance & Flag

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