The Mission Team is the Humanitarian Evangelical Team of The Great Awakening that consists of volunteers from the Hebraic Community who travel the earth to provide medical care, health education, biblical heritage, humanitarian assistance to people in need and share the Gospel with the disperse of Israel.


  • · To preach the Besorah to the lost tribes of Israel (Matt 15:24; 10:5)
  • · To Awaken Israel scattered all over the four corners of the earth (Isaiah 11:12).
  • · To support Mission and Humanitarian Relief Initiatives where the dispersed are located to provide a vehicle for the distribution of humanitarian goods and services to children and families.
  • · To provide Evangelistic Opportunities in geographies around the world to awaken the disperse of Israel with present day truth, to fulfill the Great Commission mandated (Matthew 28) and to address the needs of Israel through non-traditional evangelistic approaches.


The purpose of the Great Awakening Mission Team is to serve the Great Awakening by encouraging, developing and coordinating an effective and comprehensive program of mission and community outreach, being sensitive to both physical and social needs of the dispersed of Israel.  The Team will develop, within the assembly, an awareness of the extension of the Kingdom of Yahuah through service and sharing the Besorah.

Responsibilities & Duties

  1. Develop, coordinate and administer a comprehensive missions program for the Great Awakening, focusing on the community, the nation, and the world, by designing and communicating an expanding vision of missions.  This includes setting specific and measurable goals to implement mission effort.
  2. Coordinate a mission education program for the overall Great Awakening and for identifiable groups such as adult, teens, circles, children, etc.
  3. The Team shall teach the Great Awakening a Biblical understanding of world missions and encourage involvement through prayer, correspondence, friendship and financial support.
  4. The Team will stimulate members to seek Yah’s will in terms of their direct involvement in the mission endeavors of the Great Awakening.
  5. The Team shall record decisions and projects to be maintained in records, minutes and communicated to the Great Awakening.
  6. Regularly evaluate and monitor mission efforts and mission projects sponsored by the Great Awakening.
  7. Develop and administer the mission and outreach budget (Benevolence), including implementing and recommending a policy of giving.  This includes determining the distribution of funds by percentage or by dollars, allowing for flexibility as needs arise.
  8. Administer and promote projects, both physical and financial, that support, and other GHA funds as presented .
  9. Collaborate with other appropriate Teams, Morehs and leaders to carry out the mission and outreach ministry of the local assemblies.  The Team shall create subcommittees, as deemed necessary, to carry out its assigned purposes.
  10. Provide leadership, publicity, support and recruitment and newly identified projects as they may be identified.
  11. Seek new mission and outreach opportunities.



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