Strategic Worship Hubs


You don’t have a Great Awakening Assembly in your area? Is Yah calling you to start a worship hub in your area?

Great Awakening is offering those who don’t have a like-minded Assembly in their area the opportunity to partner by launching area Strategic Worship Hub until a local Moreh emerges or is sent to that area to provide spiritual care and guidance for the Worship Hub.

A "Worship Hub" is a group of people in a particular area that partners with the Great Awakening International. The "Strategic Worship Hub" watches the Great Awakening Assembly Detroit or any other Great Awakening Assembly over a video, but has a leadership team that fulfills all the regular duties until the group becomes a full-fledge assembly.

Step 1

Fill out your Strategic Worship Hubs Application.

Step 2

Enter into initial discernment process and interview with Great Awakening Strategic Worship Hub Team.

Step 3

Reach out to potential awakened believers in your area that are awakened and follow our teachings or agree with the Great Awakening International’s mission. (We may assist you in building that list)

Step 4

Attend on-site training with your team and cultivate the tools needed to build a lead a Worship Hub in your area.

Step 5

Work with Great Awakening International to solidify final details on format, video transmission, fellowship strategies, and the satellite location.

Step 6

Begin to meet and fellowship together weekly to grow spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.

Step 7

Help grow and build the Strategic Worship Hub group until a Moreh emerges out of the group or one is sent by the Great Awakening International to serve


The following application is the beginning of the formal decision-making process regarding the assessment, training and deploying of Strategic Worship Hub in your regional area. 

We handle this prayerfully and are very careful in our screening process of potential satellite liasons. We believe it is in the best interest of the your regional area, the Great Awakening and Yah’s Kingdom to be discerning about whether having a satellite center and eventually an assembly is the best fit for the applicant. We also believe that it is our role to use every opportunity to raise up more effective center groups, assemblies, and morehs in the awakening movement. 

Basic Information
Additional Info

I have read, understand and will work in harmony with the Great Awakening. I understand that completion of this application is a first step, and does not necessarily guarantee that a supported Strategic Worship Hub will be the end result, but that the desire is to come to a conclusion that will best serve the purposes of both your geographical area and the Great Awakening International, and ultimately and Yahuah’s Kingdom. Thank you for your application.


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