The following application is the beginning of the formal decision-making process regarding the assessment, training and deploying of Assembly planters within the Great Awakening Family. The intent of the assessment/training process is to understand our mission and increase your effectiveness and our effectiveness in the mission of the Awakening Movement and the Kingdom of YHUH. The process from beginning to end may take as long as three to six months.

We handle this prayerfully and are very careful in our screening process of potential assembly planters. We believe it is in the best interest of the potential moreh, the Great Awakening and Yah’s Kingdom to be discerning about whether planting an assembly is the best fit for the applicant. We also believe that it is our role to use every opportunity to raise up more effective morehs in the awakening movement. Therefore, the assessment and training processes are meant to give us information by which we determine the extent of training and support each moreh and assembly planter needs.

Our goal is to develop more and better awakened morehs who will effectively reach the dispersed of Israel, lost people for the Mashiach and to teach the Commandment, Laws and Statues of YHUH. We will be praying for you through this process of discovery and training.


Basic Information
Additional Info

I have read, understand and will work in harmony with the Statement of Faith, Mission and Objectives of The Great Awakening International. I understand that completion of this application is a first step, and does not necessarily guarantee that a supported new assembly plant will be the end result, but that the desire is to come to a conclusion that will best serve the purposes of both the applicant and the Great Awakening International, and ultimately and Yahuah’s Kingdom. Thank you for your application.

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