What's the Awakening?

An Awakening of a different sort has been taking place from outside the Christian context, not within it. Unfortunately, because it doesn’t fit the narrative or the agenda of traditional Christianity, this “Revival” all too often is being demonized and vilified (just as the Messiah said it would) instead of acknowledged and celebrated. This movement is being called, “The Hebrew Awakening” by millions around the world.

The Third Great Awakening or what is commonly referred to as the “Hebrew Awakening” is increased spiritual interest or renewal in the truth of the scriptures not the tradition of men. The Hebrew Awakening is about rediscovering who true Israel so that we can read and view the scriptures through its proper prophetic lens. This Awakening is massive repentance (returning back to Torah, Laws, and Commandments) on a global scale. The Awakening is a move of the Ruach HaQodesh (Holy Spirit) that’s happening on every major continent where the disperse of Israel is.

This Awakening consists of fulfilling Biblical Prophecy by Reawakening the Dispersed of Israel (Is. 11:11-12), Redeeming the Lost (Mt. 10:6), Recovering the Hebrew Faith (Jude 1:3), Reclaiming Original Heritage (Jer. 17:4), Representing Light unto the Nations (Is. 49:6), Remembering the Commandments (Deut. 8:1-2), Reinforcing the Gospel of the Kingdom (Mt. 24:14), Restoring Unadulterated Truth (Eph 1:13-14).

The viral clip of a young boy saying, “I’m tired of this church” should be viewed more than a laughable matter or an obnoxious little boy with little to no respect for the church. This child’s statement is a microcosm of the sentiments of countless African Americans around the country. The statement is a prophetic one that is being released out of the mouths of babes. African Americans are growing more weary of the doctrine and practices of Modern Christianity....

A massive percentage of African Americans (and others) are responding to this movement and are leaving Christianity and its pagan practices by the droves and are awakening to their true identity as Hebrews. We are being awakened every day in urban and rural areas across the world. We are returning to Torah, following the Commandments, becoming shrewd scholars and exegetes of the Scriptures, preaching the Gospel of Kingdom (the way the Messiah instructed), and dispelling centuries of regurgitated doctrinal lies that Christianity and Islam forced on our people.

There are scores of us (and the number is growing) who are using the connection of heritage to spread the gospel. For people of color to discover that their ancestors were Hebrews and that the Bible is their history book has brought about a sort of resurgence, revival, awakening, and opportunity for the spread of the gospel (without all the paganism of Christianity). This is happening on college campuses, churches, communities, music and movie industries, etc. This movement of the Holy Spirit is happening to all types of people; from thugs to theologians, from young girls to middle-aged women, from pastors to prisoners, and from black people to other nations. Unfortunately, the Christian Church has slept on this movement because it ruins her religious illusions and Centuries of false doctrines.

It has become a tremendously effective form of outreach to young men, the millennial and centennial generations; something that Christianity is struggling to achieve nowadays. These are young men that according to statistics should be selling drugs, incarcerated, victims of violence, and/or globally irrelevant. Nevertheless, they are spending innumerable hours studying the Scriptures, faithful in their marriages, raising their children, steering clear of criminal activity, and are spending countless hours preaching the Word. Whether we want to accept it or not, Yah has selected one of the most oppressed species in modern human history (Black/Negro/Bantus/Hebrew Men) to lead the way for Revival and the Awakening worldwide. This movement is use as a tool to question everything in hopes of calling our people to repent, flee paganism, and to return to Yah.

We have more access to knowledge and are discovering a plethora of inconsistencies in Christianity. Through research, manuscripts, and historical documents we are discovering our Hebrew heritage. Additionally, we are searching the scriptures for ourselves (line upon line and precept upon precept) finding answers to age-old questions that the Christian Church has covered up or just failed to produce sufficient answers.........

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