Objectives and Goals

“The Great Awakening”, provides individuals with spiritual reinforcement, practical knowledge and tools that they can use to continue to awaken the dispersed of Israel. We endeavor to:



  • To Raise Awareness about how African Americans and other Bantus Negroes around the world are fulfilling biblical prophecy by rediscovering their ancient identity
  • To preach the gospel to the lost tribes of Israel (Matt 15:24; 10:5)
  • To Awaken Israel scattered all over the four corners of the earth (Isaiah 11:12).
  • To host an Annual Mega Conference to showcase diversity in the Hebrew culture across diverse factions and settings
  • To support networking  among Hebrews from all settings within the business, entertainment, academic, political and faith continuum.
  • To support Mission and Humanitarian Relief Initiatives where the dispersed are located to provide a vehicle for the distribution of humanitarian goods and services to children and families.
  • To develop Antioch Model Assemblies (Acts 11:19-27 & 13:1-3) that becomes training and ministry distribution centers that identify, equips, empower, authorize and activate Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastor and Teachers (Morehs) releasing and transplanting these ministry gifts to impact the globe. These torah-based spirit-filled awakened assemblies and ministries are dedicated to building bridges of relationship between affiliate Hebrew assemblies, outreach ministries, and ministries dedicated to awakening the disperse of Israel in the communities they serve.

  • To create settings to gather Israelites for a holy convocation during the Holy Feasts Days (Passover, Unleavened, First Fruits, Shavout, Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot)
  • To establish an international academy designed to provide a hybrid (online and traditional) of formal Hebrew heritage, biblical teachings, hebraic education and ministry training through an advanced and accelerated curriculum that educates seekers of the truth to the proper understanding of the scriptures and prepares for them for ministry in their context. 
  • To provide Evangelistic Opportunities in geographies around the world to awaken the disperse of Israel with present, to fulfill the Great Commission mandated (Matthew 28) and to address the needs of Israel through non-traditional evangelistic approaches.
  • To host Annual Retreats and Events to promote social gatherings, strengthen Hebrew Marriage & Families, enhance networking opportunities and to celebrate the culture of the Hebrew community
  • To highlight the people, assemblies, organizations, and education in advancing the Hebrew movement.
  • Increases awareness of, knowledge about, and appreciation for issues unique to African American who have discovered their Hebraic roots.
  • Seeks to educate and update those of African Bantus descent on trends and issues related to the rapidly growing Hebrew community through sharing information on research, educational opportunities, regional resources, new communities, prophetic events, community issues, and trends.


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