Great Awakening Training Team consists of leaders who are devoted to the awakening of the dispersed of Israel. The training team focuses on training for Morehs, Morahs and Assembly Planters within the Great Awakening Family. Training sessions include Torah foundations, vision, core values, evangelism strategy, discipleship and leadership strategy, gathering strategy, stewardship strategy, Hebraic-centered worship strategy, administrative strategy, assembly master design, developing team, and mileposts. Morehs will develop a plan of action for planting or supporting a Great Awakening assembly including mobilizing teams, clarifying vision, developing strategies, core group formation, organization issues, equipping leaders, ministry development, and starting assemblies that reproduce.


Potential leaders from around the world come to us with their passions wanting to join the Great Awakening as an affiliate Assembly Planter or a Moreh/Morah.  Consequently, each year we are faced with more opportunity than we have time or resource. Without a clear vetting process of quality leaders, we can easily be vulnerable to compromised character and poor reputation. Sexual harassment allegations, domestic violence assaults, infidelity, and immodesty, have all come too close for comfort within the ranks of the Great Awakening leadership.

We have developed a new vetting process that is thorough and stringent. This new process will ensure that we have complete transparency throughout the Great Awakening. These checks are reserved for all leaders in the Great Awakening International. Additionally, the Great Awakening will be using a specialist vetting service to check the history of current and future potential leaders, ensuring that their clean record can be noted down.

The New Vetting Process includes the following steps:


  1. Currently serving in a local assembly and recommended by a GA Lead Moreh
  2. Spend time in prayer
  3. Consult with Spouse, Family and Assembly
  4. Receive the Letter of Interest
  5. Fill out Online Form
  6. Review and Sign Statement of Beliefs
  7. Complete our online Doctrinal Survey
  8. Meet with Dr. Howard, Morah Tawana Howard and Ron Dalton Jr.
  9. Take the Awakening Assessment Test
  10. Take the Spiritual Assessment Test
  11. Meet with Zaqen Council
  12. Criminal Background Check
  13. Ministry Background Check
  14. Sign the Covenant Agreement
  15. Sign Code of Conduct Clause
  16. Sign Confidentiality Statement / NDA
  17. Individual Interviews with Training Team
  18. Interview with Candidate & Spouse
  19. Interview with Spouse Only
  20. Receive Letter to begin training
  21. Begin 8 weeks of training
  22. Must Complete (or previously completed) at least two (2) Hebrew Academy International courses
  23. Weekly Check-ins
  24. 2nd Interview/Vetting Process
  25. Moreh/Morah Retreat
  26. Installation/Consecration Program

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