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Morah Denise McCreary

Morah Denise McCreary

Denise McCreary is a certified educator with a Public Charter School, where she is a Tutoring Coach for the district in which she oversees 5 schools consisting of 10 team members.

Denise has three amazing children (young adults), and two point three grandchildren. Jael, Kashmere a RN nurse, and Gianni, a computer Tech. Kamauri, Noah and Jurnee.

Denise loves working with children, and most of all being able to impart knowledge into them. She has also worked with special need scholars, and their families within the school system. These experiences have awakened a deeper passion for the Hebrew awakened children and their families to impart and discover Yahuah’s truth to their lives and what that will mean as well as look like to them personally.

Denise holds a Bachelor of Science from Florida Memorial University. In 2019, she when on to earn a Master of Teaching in The Art of Teaching from Wayne State University graduating with a 3.8. g.p.a., She has been an educator for the past 20+ years four of which within the public-school systems, and the remainder within a charter school platform. Within these schools, she has worked with students in grades k-5 in mainstream general education.

Currently, Denise is a Morah at the Great Awakening East Detroit located in Michigan where she works with the children’s department during the Feast Days to facilitate Torah lessons to children ages 7-12 years of age. She was also a program developer at Triumphant International for the children’s department, where she worked with children ages 4-11.

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