The Executive Council serves as the standing administration of the Great Awakening International and participates in governance by advising, reviewing, and recommending policy on issues that directly affect administrative, operational, and financial issues such as merit and compensation, human resources, representation, and the general communication amongst all the Great Awakening. The Executive Team oversees the administration and makes recommendations to Ronald Dalton Jr. and Dr. Kenneth Howard on how the Great Awakening conducts business and assists with keeping policy and procedural information up to date. Further, the Executive Team serves as a forum for promoting and communicating administrative initiatives and concerns, of both a general and unit-specific nature.

We have replaced the generic appointed executive model to an executive council representatives’ model where all components of the Great Awakening are heard and represented.

The New Executive Council will consist of the
  1. Original Members
  2. Council Representatives
  3. Team and Committee Representatives
  4. At-Large Members
Original Council Members
Dr. Kenneth Howard
Ronald Dalton Jr.
Morah Tawana Howard
Zaqen Dr. Mike Laws
E’Ma Dr. Sandra Laws
Morah Kim Warren
Morah Gail McGee
Atty Elaine Carlis

Each component unit of the Great Awakening will have at least one representative on the executive team in the unit or fraction thereof. The Executive Team is composed of representatives from the following Great Awakening International component units:
Council Representatives
Morah Council – Morah Tawana Howard
Moreh Council  - [TBA]
E’Ma Council - [TBA]
Zaqen Council  - [TBA]


Ministry Representatives
Kingdom Minded Singles Ministry – Crystal Heard
ObeYah Youth Ministry – Moreh Marcus Gooden or Representative
Beriyt Marriage Ministry - [TBA]
Music Ministry - [TBA]
WDOR Ministry - [TBA]
Moreh Wives – [TBA]
Interdisciplinary Ministry - [TBA]
National Street Ministry – Zaqen Paul Batemen


Committee Representatives
Event and Feast Day Committee – Zaqen Clarence Jones
Budget and Finance Review Committee - Henry Davis


Team Representatives
Strategic Alignment Team – Adewunmi Gbogboade
Ancient Path Preppers Team – Moreh Anthony Boddy or Representative
Mission Team – Gail McGee
Training Team - [TBA]
Academy Team – Dr. Kenneth Jones


Each unit grouping shall have at least one representative on the Executive Council.