The Zekenim (Elders) Council of the Great Awakening International is that body authorized to serve in a pastoral role and direct the spiritual life and civil matters the Great Awakening. This Council shall consist of Elders appointed by the Guardians and Council itself, subject to affirmation by the Moreh Council. All Great Awakening International Elders are deemed seasoned Zaqens and installed by the Great Awakening during a Consecration Service.

The Zekenim Council restructuring will comprise of [6] seasoned elders that are affiliated with the Great Awakening. The New Zekenim Council will be selected by the guardians of the Great Awakening. Therefore, the Zekenim Council functions will serve in an advisory capacity to Guardians. The Zekenim Council will meet on a regular monthly basis or on a needs basis to provide input, coaching, wise counsel, and accountability regarding issues that may arise in the Great Awakening.

  1. Zekenim Council members will be selected by the Guardian Visionaries.
  2. Selected Zekenim will only serve in an advisory capacity to the Guardian Visionaries.
  3. The number of Zekenim that serves on this Council will be reduced from 12 to 6 participants to better serve the interest of the Great Awakening.
  4. All participants must sign a Confidentiality Waiver and Code of Conduct Form.
  5. Any leader within the GA may carry the title of Zaqen but not are selected to serve on the Zakenim Council. An inactive role on the Zekenim Council does not diminishes the role of a GA Zaqen in any shape, fashion, or scope.
  6. Zekenim Council will help determine the qualification of who is labeled as a Zaqen in the Great Awakening.

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