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Want to join the Team?

Do you have a heart for Missions? Do you want to join a team that’s sole mission is to develop strategies and plans to carry the Gospel and awake the disperse in other Countries? If you are interested in joining the Missions Team of the Great Awakening please reach out to Morah Gail McGee by emailing her at mission.greatawakening400@gmail.com
Morah Gail McGee
Morah Gail McGeeMissions Director
Kim Warren
Kim WarrenMissions Team
Morah Onleilove Alston MDiv., MSW
Morah Onleilove Alston MDiv., MSWMissions Team
Tiana Washington
Tiana WashingtonMissions Team
Christina Gadson
Christina GadsonMissions Team
Terri Lynn
Terri Lynn Missions Team
Tomiko Evans
Tomiko EvansMissions Team
Tanisha Rodgers
Tanisha RodgersMissions Team
Dr. Sandra Laws
Dr. Sandra LawsMissions Team