The Mission Team is the Humanitarian Evangelical Team of The Great Awakening that consists of volunteers from the Hebraic Community who travel the globe to provide medical care, health education, biblical heritage, humanitarian assistance to people in need and share the Gospel with the disperse of Israel.


  • To preach the gospel to the lost tribes of Israel (Matt 15:24; 10:5)
  • To Awaken Israel scattered all over the four corners of the earth (Isaiah 11:12).
  • To support Mission and Humanitarian Relief Initiatives where the dispersed are located to provide a vehicle for the distribution of humanitarian goods and services to children and families.
  • To provide Evangelistic Opportunities in geographies around the world to awaken the disperse of Israel with present day truth, to fulfill the Great Commission mandated (Matthew 28) and to address the needs of Israel through non-traditional evangelistic approaches.