National Music Ministry


The Great Awakening National Music Ministry consists of awakened professional, semi-professional, and amateur musicians, singers, worship, and artists, among other creatives. We are torah-observant, awakened, purpose driven, and committed to serving the diaspora and community with our musical talents. We will be creating music for us (Israel) and by us (Israel), such as music compilations, a record label, a Recording Studio.

The national music ministry exists to restore unadulterated worship by making effort to root out error that has crept into modern worship and return to the paths of pure worship through offering cutting-edge generation-specific music and worship arts renaissance for the express purpose of restoring the Tabernacle of David (Amos 9:11-13, Acts 15:13-17 ) as a model of assembly worship through:

A. Equipping GAA Mishpacha and worshippers, worship artists and worship leaders to fulfill their priestly duty of praise and worship by training all those influenced by our ministry to possess organic excitement, exuberant-ant praise, unconventional worship styles, and unwavering faith to capture the heart and attention of Yah.

B. Developing musicians, praise teams, choirs and special groups whom play and sing through the prophetic nature of music with original creative songs and sounds, using all forms and genres of music to convey the heart of Yah to transform lives.

C. Creating a Levitical-type atmosphere at feast days and other special events where music, liturgical dance, drama, arts, flags, noise making devices, spoken word and poetry are working in sync to produce a celebratory environment that carries the very presence of Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) in various expressions of worship that causes the natural and the spiritual world to collide.

D. Creating a setting where performing arts, media, technology, and social networking devices augments acts of praise and prophecy within our worship experiences.

E. Creating a setting that will serve as a training center to evoke and pro-duce skillful musicians, psalmist, playwrights, authors, actor(ess), artists, comedians, songwriters, directors and producers, with creativity, innovation, flexibility and equipped with Kingdom agendas to be released in the music and entertainment arenas.

F. Exposing our hebraic styles of music and arts to secular and sacred settings through Hebraic concerts, programs, musicals, live recordings, plays, drama, orchestras, recitals, movies, biblical festivals, and similar type venues.