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Ronald Dalton Jr.
Ronald Dalton Jr.
Ronald Dalton Jr.Hebrews to Negroes/The Negro Network

Ronald Dalton Jr was born in Pittsburgh, PA to African-American parents who experienced the Civil Rights Movement of the 60's from opposite perspectives of black life in America. Ronald's mother grew up in New York City housing projects in Harlem, product of a mixed heritage by way of Virginia and the West Indies (Antigua). While his mother was living amongst the Black Power movement and its notable leaders such as Malcolm X and Huey Newton, Ronald's father resided in West Virginia, forced to live under the oppressive, and often violent racism of the Jim Crow Era. The two would meet in the church at the renown Greater Refuge Temple in Harlem, NY., and go on to marry and build successful careers; his father as a pediatrician, and his mother as a LPN, and then a Special Ed teacher. Eventually Ronald would come along as the first of seven; little did Ronald Sr. and Gale know, their firstborn was destined to be a visionary, truth seeker, and a notable leader in a great movement amongst his people.

Growing up in a Black Pentecostal Christian household provided Ronald the experience of reading the Holy Bible from beginning to end, several times throughout his youth. He was a voracious reader, and especially enjoyed books that imparted new knowledge to his inquisitive mind. As a young adult, he was always curious about various aspects of the Bible that led him to ask a litany of seemingly unanswerable questions. 
With the importance of education instilled in him since childhood, and with a keen love for learning, Ronald earned a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine, with a focus in Exercise Science / Kinesiology, and a minor in Psychology at Eastern Michigan University. To follow, Ronald earned a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies at Wayne State University. While working at Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, from 2010 to 2011, Ronald experienced a paradigm shift that brought on a much different view of the world than he'd ever had. He began to really see the suffering of his fellow black people on a grand scale, and wanted answers to why they continuously suffered like no other group of people. In search of answers, he leaned deeply into his faith, and in one particularly emotional night, he beseeched God in prayer like never before, asking for wisdom and knowledge to understand the madness that he was seeing in the black community. Believing that God heard his prayers, Ronald discovered the answers he'd searched for throughout his life. 
From that day on, God would reveal to Ronald in bits and pieces, the truth about the lost heritage of black people in America as it pertained to the ancient Hebrew Israelites of the Bible. Ronald would come to discern the truth of why blacks have been oppressed throughout their generations. Eventually, this knowledge became too much to bear alone; too great to not share with his people. In response to a spiritual calling, Ronald then embarked on a life-changing journey by writing his first book about the knowledge he had obtained from God.
Concurrently, he began assembling an educational documentary presented on DVD that featured historical images, charts, facts and ancient quotes to support his message. He titled the DVD and book: "Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America". This initial effort would eventually spawn three additional books, with accompanying DVDs, a podcast show, and in 2018, the debut of a highly-acclaimed feature film. 
Shortly after this, Ronald produced the Theatrical Movie "Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America" which premiered at the Landmark "Main Art" Theater in the Detroit Metropolitan Area on December 20, 2018 in front of a crowd of 450 people. Today, Ronald enjoys touring the United States with his Hebrews to Negroes Movie Tour teaching and enlightening others on real biblical truth. 
Today, Ronald is working tirelessly to take his movie around the world with the goal to "wake up" the descendants of the Biblical Israelites to their true heritage. Ronald maintains an intensive schedule as a highly-requested public speaker at universities, seminaries, churches, and conferences, and he teaches in an online Hebrew academy that he created. Additionally, Ronald is in production on his next feature film. Dedicated to enlightening others on the accurate history of the African Diaspora, Ronald believes that truth is priceless and cannot be stopped from reaching the world. His favorite motto, "A lie cannot live forever", holds very true in his profound work. When not busy with educating the masses on the identity of the blood descendants of the Biblical Israelites, Ronald enjoys spending time with his wife Stormi, and their seven children.