During the All White Boat Cruise we will be recognizing and honoring the creativity, dedication, and vision of those individuals who contribute to and take leadership in the Hebrew Community. Nearly nineteen (19) leaders, from around the country, in the Hebrew movement will be honored during this event. The Awards Banquet and Ceremony will be held on Saturday evening, July 13, 2019 at 7:00pm, cruising on the Detroit River on the Detroit Princess River Boat. Attire for this event is all-white formal attire.
Hebrew Leadership Award
Hebrew Leadership Award – recognizes a leader in the Hebrew community that demonstrates visionary leadership expressed through an ability to imagine what the Hebrew community could look like and the steps for getting there; effective leadership that leads to impact within the Hebrew community; authentic leadership that shows a strong sense of purpose, as well as true engagement with the Hebrew community; and transformational leadership inspired by innovate thinking and a willingness to take risks to achieve Kingdom results.