Interdisciplinary Team

GA interdisciplinary team comprise of Torah observant and ruach-filled professionals from various disciplines who work in collaboration to address GA mishpacha with multiple physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, marital, family, social, and psychological needs. Our interdisciplinary team is not just a group of awakened experts implementing separate care and treatments of a person(s). They complement one another's expertise and actively coordinate to work toward shared treatment goals.

Our team of interdisciplinary professionals are nurses, physical therapists, physicians, therapists, social workers, morehs (spiritual practitioner), family counselors, and other specialists all working together for the shared goal of the mishpacha healing, deliverance, treatment and recovery.

Our Interdisciplinary Team focuses on Mental Health, Fitness & Nutrition, Torah-based Spiritual Care, Financial Stewardship, Family Counselling, and Health Care needs. This team take an approach to healing and deliverance that integrates multiple disciplines through collaboration of teams within the Great Awakening. These teams help ensure that the Mishpacha of GAI receives the best care by implementing an integrated approach to inner healing.