Conference Steering Team: responsible for overall development of the conference, by securing speakers, venues, developing budget, assembling workshops, organizing the logistics, and assisting committees with resources. Members: Dr. Kenneth Howard, Ronald Dalton Jr., Garry Shephard, Catrina Chatelain, Dr. Sandra Laws, Pastor Michael Laws, Tawana Howard, John Bidden

Hospitality Committee: provides a welcoming atmosphere to the attendees of the Conference. Some activities the hospitality committee is responsible for are: ensuring conference guests and speakers are well fed and taken care of, providing breakfast and lunch during for all attendees, and creating a welcoming and helpful environment, providing informal gatherings and social engagement, downtown Detroit tour guides, on-site welcome, and more for all those who make their way to the conference. Members: Kim Mason, Catrina Chatelain

Musical Concert Committee: choosing bookings and promoting the musical concert for the conference; arranging preparation of the bandstand and back-up at the Conference Venue; working with Finance Director to process payment for worshippers/performers; preparing the itinerary for a night of worship. Members: John Bidden

Marketing and Promotional: Responsible for developing and implementing marketing initiatives and activities to increase awareness of the conference to attract attendees, assemblies, and ministries; seek corporate entities that are interested in supporting the Conference; developing compelling and innovative promotional and marketing materials in order to enhance attendance at the Awakening Conference. Members: Garry Shephard, Catrina Chatelain

Registration and Finance: responsible for the task of registering conference attendees, creating all accompanying materials, and managing hotel room assignments. Distributing badges and conference materials during check-ins is also a key role of the committee. The committee responsibilities include, but are not limited, to the following: Management of online registration and payments, Management of speaker and guest room assignments, Creation of attendee badges, Creation and maintenance of a master check-in list, Creation/compilation of attendee package: bags, maps, t-shirts, program booklet, and lanyard. Managing conference on-site registration and information tables, Updates to attendees leading up to conference Attendee tracking (room numbers). Members: Tawana Howard, Cassie Addow

Cruise/Award Banquet Committee: responsible for organizing the Cruise of the All-White Cruise on the Detroit River, sale tickets for the event, compile guest list, secure Jazz Band/DJ, organize dinner selections with guests, and arrange decorations. This Committee formally recognizes the excellence and contributions of people in the Hebrew awakening movement through the bestowal of a variety of awards and evaluate nominees for each of these awards. Members: Dr. Kenneth Howard

Vendors Committee: responsible for creating a package for reaching out to potential vendors, tracking document weekly and updates on vendor selection, provide selected vendors with the conference agenda, booth location, set up timing and details, and other relevant information, schedule meetings with vendors to answer any question they have on set up logistics, on the day of the event, walking around the vendor area and talk with vendors to ensure they have everything they need, secure a target of twenty (20) paying vendors that are relevant to the conference theme and purpose. Members: JoAnna Moore, Kim Warren

Family Cookout Committee: responsible for planning and organizing the Family Cookout that gives Conference attendees, their families, and the guests an opportunity to fellowship in a fun, safe, and relaxed atmosphere. Responsible for planning and organizing the Conference Cookout; selects the location and theme and entertainment for the Cookout; decide what type of food, the cost of the food and supplies should be figured into the per person cost; reserving the location and making the deposit if one is required; give report of the day’s activity to include expenses, theme, all costs, attendance and other information that will detail the Cookout activities. Members:

Conference/Workshop Committee: responsible for selecting the site for the Conference workshops; work out contract details with the selected site; contact and coordinate with the Speakers; prepares documents, copies and materials for all Conference workshops; attend to details leading up to the workshop; attend to details on the day of the workshop; work out the speaker’s contract details with the selected speakers; recommends the theme of the Conference, develops a budget and manages the program portion of the overall conference budget; identifies the speakers for the Conference and makes recommendations to the Host Committee on program format; facilitate speaker arrangements; responsible for corresponding with the speakers in order to obtain pictures and biographies, to keep the speakers informed of the progress of the program, to identify speaker requirements and to assist the speakers, if needed, with transportation and accommodations, meeting room setups and audiovisual needs. Members: Community Service Committee: responsible for providing ways in which conference attendees can provide ministry to and give back to the Detroit area; responsible for organizing and overseeing the community service project of the Conference. Planning, scheduling and executing the community service events. Promoting and ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all service events attendees are involved in that day (ie food pantry giveaway; cleaning up blighted areas, tutoring/literacy projects, road-side cleanup projects; etc.) Members: Keona Croff, Cassie Addow

Unity Prayer Coordinator: responsible for identifying key attendees who will are willing to pray during the one-hour Sabbath Morning Unity Intercessory Prayer event. Responsible for uniting all attendees to pray collectively and fervently for Yah to break through in new and miraculous ways. To organize a prayer initiative, during the conference, that fuels the atmosphere of possibility, and the entire focus begins to shift from inward to up-and-outward. Members: Dr. Michael Laws

Hebrew Forum / After Glow Committee: responsible with organizing the structure of the forum and panel, choose moderator, select and invite panelists, select theme, create relevant questions, and develop strategies to engage the audience. Responsible for securing a stage, tables, chairs, lighting, microphone, and sound equipment necessary for the Forum. This committee is also responsible for organizing an afterglow fellowship (meet and greet) for panelists, moderator, and attendees after the Forum where there will be light music and finger food. Members:

Baptism Committee: responsible for making sure that all necessary baptismal equipment is available and ready prior to each baptismal service on the last day of the Conference. Develop a list of candidates and notify candidates for baptism well in advance of the scheduled baptism at Belle Isle Park. Arrange with and candidates for a period of instruction regarding the baptism. Prepare name tags of candidates for identification purposes. Assure supplies such as towels, baptismal robes, plastic bags for wet clothing, white attire for those who forget to bring one, male and female grooming accessories, and plastic baskets for wet towels and robes available. Give candidate an official record of baptisms. Perform necessary cleanup after the baptism. Members: